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EU Cloud Expert Group – report

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Report exec summary recently released:


Pawn Promotion’s Aake Edlund is one of the authors. The full report will be released at an event in Brussels on January 26, 2010:


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Eucalyptus podcast

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“The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud” November 23 podcast interview with Eucalyptus CTO Rich Wolski,  listen to the interview here

Some of the highlights of this podcast include discussions on the following:

  • Cloud computing within Enterprise IT organizations
  • Differences between grid computing, data center virtualization and cloud computing
  • Roles of public and on-premise clouds in the datacenter
  • The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, powered by Eucalyptus

Personally I really liked the “SW life cycle management” part, really useful!

Slides from Craig Balding’s BruCon Talk: “The Belgian Beer Lovers Guide to Cloud Security”

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Some reality check slides from Craig Baldings. Note: don’t use full screen mode – you have to read the underlying text. I like this way of presenting – few words, picture, talk – and then you can read the comments if you want.

Cloud course in Espoo, Finland

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A full day course on cloud computing, giving the basis of cloud computing and some hands-on testing of Eucalyptus, Hadoop and OpenNEbula. Audience: technical persons (admin level and similar) from CSC and UH.


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More on cloud computing

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Favourite quote of the year

“Eucalyptus Systems will enable businesses of any size to leverage their own IT resources to get the benefits of cloud computing without the concerns of lock-in, security ambiguity, and unexpected storage costs that can be associated with public clouds,” Rich Wolski, CTO Eucalyptus Systems

Pawn Promotion helps you to understand how to provide or exploit cloudbased services. We also help in the migration of current services to partly or fully use cloudbased solutions. 

 “Cloud computing, what is this, really, and what’s in it for me?”. We’re regularly giving presentations and workshops on cloud computing, so we could certainly help you with this, too.

Why “open source” in the title? There are many “closed source” solutions to cloud computing. We know these very well, and can help you here too. The open source solutions – e.g. Eucalyptus – gives the customer a future proof, non-vendor-locking solution. We think this is a good thing to do, hence the title.

Eucalyptus Systems raises $5.5M for a hybrid approach to cloud computing

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